Suck A Bag Of Sour Dicks Counter Display


Sour Fruit Flavoured Lollies – Counter Display of 100 Party Packs

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Introducing the ultimate lollies with a punch – Suck a Bag of Sour Dicks! This rebellious treat is not for the faint-hearted. It’s the perfect way to sweetly tell someone they’re being a total jerk. Whether it’s a cheating partner, self-absorbed friend, or clueless coworker, this unique gift is sure to make them think twice about their behaviour. Each display of Suck a Bag of Sour Dicks lollies includes approximately one hundred mini-packs, with five tasty pieces in each pack. With its bold packaging and tongue-in-cheek humour, it’s guaranteed to bring laughter and maybe even some redemption to those who receive it. Don’t settle for ordinary candy when you can delight in the mischievous satisfaction that comes with giving someone a bag of sour dicks. Order yours today and let the sweetness and sassiness speak for itself!

Suck A Bag Of Sour Dicks Counter Display made by Little Genie.

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Feel free to order, this product comes in a discreet packing with no identifying markings.