Satisfyer Pixie Dust – Mint/Pink


Mint/Pink USB Rechargeable Vibrating Air Pulse Stimulator

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Step into the magical realm of pure pleasure with the Satisfyer Pixie Dust, a pleasure toy here to sprinkle enchantment into your solo time. With touch-free clitoral stimulation and intense vibrations, this delightful pressure wave vibrator invites you to a world of exceptional sensations. Gently place the opening of this enchanting love toy on your clitoris and be transported to a world of wonder, as you explore a spectrum of 11 mesmerising pressure wave programs that promise to delight your senses. What’s more, the Satisfyer Pixie Dust boasts an extra sprinkle of magic with 12 captivating vibration programs. Let them dance across your senses independently or combine them with the pressure wave programs, thanks to its two individually controllable motors. Crafted with the softest, most delicate silicone, the surface of the Satisfyer Pixie Dust tenderly caresses your skin, creating an experience as enchanting as it looks. Its captivating colour gradient and the transparency of the silicone layer will make this lovey captivate your gaze. Thanks to its waterproof (IPX7) finish, you can even take it to the shower of bathtub, letting it radiate its enchanting powers underwater. Embark on an enchanting journey of self-care and prepare to be spellbound by this magical device. Your very own pixie-powered paradise awaits!

Satisfyer Pixie Dust – Mint/Pink made by Satisfyer.


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