Durex Originals Regular Fit Condoms


Regular Fit Latex Condoms – 10 Pack + 2 Free

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Everyone is different but the right fit should always be comfortable and secure. Durex Originals condoms’ Easy-On shape. Teat-ended smooth provide comfort and confidence. 100% of condoms are electronically tested. That’s why we stand for real, feel-good, satisfying sex. The transparent and lubricated natural rubber latex condom helps prevent pregnancy and possibility of transmission of STIs. Keep in mind that no type of contraception is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, HIV, or sexually transmitted infections. It’s always nice to be informed, so read the info provided, especially if you use condoms for anal or oral sex. – Large size (nominal width: 56mm) latex condoms with extra silicone lube – Easy on shape. Teat-ended, smooth – Dermatologically tested. Durex Quality: 100% electronically tested with 5 more quality tests carried out on every batch